St Mary’s Chambers Keeping The Faith With Their Northern Soul Summer All Day Event

northern soul keeping the faith

St Mary’s Chambers, Haslingden Road, Rawtenstall, BB4 6QX is to host Rossendale’s first dedicated Northern Soul event on Saturday 30th June from 2.00pm until 12.30am.

Renowned DJ Ted Massey will be heading a line-up of DJ’s from across the country, spinning over 10 hours of Soul and Motown music.

St Mary’s Chambers is a fabulous fully air- conditioned  with a brand new 300 square metre dance floor, huge bar and a viewing balcony for those who like to watch the dancing. There is a large private car parking. Tickets are just £5 and are available from Stuart Mcintyre on 07832 986066 or via their Facebook page. Ypu can also pay on the door

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TESCO Charity Book Sale Is Launched Early Thanks To Massive Book Donations


TESCO Haslingden is repeating its extremely successful book sale that raised over £2,700 for charity last year. The sale relies totally on you the community to donate books and make that donation for a book. TESCO has been inundated with kind donations of books and as a consequence, they have been able to launch the book sale earlier than planned. They now have an excellent selection of books of all types for you to purchase. Don’t forget all money raised from the sale of your donated books will be going directly to a range of local charities who all do exceptional work in our communities.

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Bacup Now….. A New Facebook Group Dedicated To Bacup

Photo of Bacup Centre by Alan Boon

As a result of discussions between Alan Boon, Ste Thornton and Barry Hyde, it was felt that to ensure that the Bacup community are aware of all of the events, attractions, activities and support groups that are available in Bacup, a dedicated Facebook group should be created. The group called ‘Bacup Now’ was launched yesterday and already has over 260 likes.

We would ask you to check it out, like and share. That way, we will increase the reach of the information on the group. The group is also encouraging the community to post events and even consider getting involved with the events, activities and the volunteer groups featured and even come up with their own suggestions. Let us know through the Facebook group if we’ve missed anything.

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TESCO Book Sale To Raise Money For Local Charities


TESCO Haslingden is repeating its extremely successful book sale that raised over £2,700 for charity last year. The sale relies totally on you the community to donate books and make a donation for a booke from what will be an excellent selection of books of all types. There is a signed trolley designated for book donations on the upper mezzanine, and the sale is expected to start later this month.

Don’t forget all money raised from the sale of your donated books will be going directly to a range of local charities who all do exceptional work in our communities

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The Rally In The Valley Hailed A Total Success!

darren and matesDarren Ashworth (left) and fellow scooterists

The first outing of Rossendale’s ‘Rally In The Valley’, a Scooter weekend event held at Marl Pits Rossendale this weekend has been acclaimed as a total success. The event started on Friday night with the popular band ‘The Itch’, who went down a storm.

the itch

Saturday saw the majority of over 150 scooters arrive, many camping for the weekend. there were also a number of campervans and motor homes on site.

A ride out was arranged to Hollingworth Lake from Marl Pits and was quite a sight for the locals. Check out the video below.

There were scooter related stalls and great food being provided by on site catering at Rossendale Rugby Club House and mobile vendors. The headline band ‘The Rics’ played on Saturday evening and all those attending had an excellent evening.

The Rics

Organiser Darren Ashworth is already planning a repeat of the event for 2019, and given the comments received on Facebook, the Rally In The Valley is set to grow from strength to strength:

Johnny Contax – “First time for me and I had no complaints”

Debbie Simm – “Brilliant first event, Had a fantastic weekend. Great venue and the bands were spot on. Deffo do next year. Cheers Darren”

Wendy Byrne – “Well done Darren. Cracking weekend first rally. All the people that were there this year will support you next year. This could turn into something big. Well done”

Kenneth and Claire Allsop – “This event was well organised and well attended. First one ever and it was a cracker – well done Darren, not easy getting all organised but you pulled it off. It will go from strength to strength because everyone who actually attended said how much they’d enjoyed it. Will be a regular event for us now”

Robert ‘Mr Fox’ Brogan – “Superb, cracking venue, smashing people, looking forward to another one”

Robert Dunemore – “Great weekend mate. Well worth the 5 hour ride up, very enjoyable”

Lisa Chapman – “Great Venue Darren. Looking forward to camping next year. Thanks for the marshalling on the ride out” 



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The Red Box Project Supporting Young Disadvantaged Women Through Their Period

red box poster

You may have seen in news reports that disadvantaged young women in the UK are missing school because they have started their period and find it hard to obtain sanitary products. Samara Barnes has decided to do something about it! She signed up as coordinator for The Red Box project in Rossendale. The Red Box Project is a national charitable community group that has branches all over the UK.

They aim to quietly ensure that no young woman misses school or suffers embarrassment because she has her period.

They know that schools already do what they can in this area. They want to step up as a community to give you the peace of mind that your stocks will never run out and enable you to support disadvantaged young women throughout their period.

The Red Box Project gives young women in need, whether for financial or social reasons. the reassurance of enough sanitary pads for their entire period plus a couple left over for next time. This is what makes it special.

They sponsor and stock a red box filled with sanitary towels and spare pants.
The box will be kept with the school Nurse, at Reception or with an appropriate member of staff.

Posters are also available to be placed in the girls’ toilets encourage a young woman in need of sanitary items to ask for the red box and take what she needs. Plain bags are included for discretion.

No tearful panics in the loo. No wadded up toilet roll. No anxious embarrassment. No missed lessons or staying home.

Halfway down the inside of the box is a line and their email address. When stocks reach the line you can contact them and they will be pleased to replenish within 48 hour
They are happy to help any young woman with one or two pads in an emergency though the aim of the project  and the full packs in the box  is primarily for  those girls who are consider in greatest need of support through their entire period.
Awareness of the Red Box amongst staff is a key to it working, so Red Box will include four posters plus a PDF copy for girls’ lavatories or wherever you think would work best. There’s a space for you to fill in the keeper of the box!

This is a very simple, no frills project and is entirely funded by community kindness, woman to young woman.

If you would like further information on the project or would like a box  installing  in your school, please contact Samara, Project Coordinator for Rossendale

Email –
Phone – 07540 179 397

Facebook – The Red Box Project – Rossendale – Lancashire
Twitter – @RBProjectRosso
Instagram – theredboxprojectrossendale

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Jo Cox Inspires Community Through The Great Get Together On Rawtenstall Town Square

great get together

The Great Get Together will be taking place all over the country over the weekend of 22nd – 24th June 2018, which would have been Jo Cox’s 44th birthday

As the prime minister said, when she remarked on Jo’s death in her New Year’s message 2017, we have an opportunity to move forward and “bring this country together, as never before”.

Jo’s family and friends came up with this initiative which is inspired by Jo Cox, who was tragically killed on 16 June 2016. It is  believe that there is a groundswell of people who reject divisive politics and simply want to bring our communities together and celebrate all that unites. More than one hundred organisations are now supporting it

The Clog Market is also taking up the initiative and is organising The Great Get Together on Rawtenstall Town Square on Saturday 23rd June and will include a brass band, music, food & drink plus Hoopla sessions, story time for the younger kids, fairground rides, bouncy castle, a grande conga, hokey-cokey and dancing. So meet up with your family, friends and neighbours and have some food or bring a picnic. They will have delicious coffee, tea and craft beer and gin on offer, so listen to the music or even have a dance. The important thing is that you are part of this Great Get Together event.


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