Bacup THI Launch The Irwell Tapestry Project To Be Made By The Community For The Community

Hawthorns-from-Walkers-Hill-_artAn example of how your swatches can be incorporated into a bigger Tapestry

As part of the THI Training , Engagement and Communications Group’s community engagement initiative the group have identified activities that are to be run and funded by the THI project under a Community Art and Textile initiative. The group has discussed potential activities that would best reflect Bacup’s history and heritage and closely engage the community with activities that will result in a product that could be owned by the whole community. The project that has been agreed is entitled ‘The Irwell Tapestry’. The project will be funded and managed by the THI Training , Engagement and Communications Group.


The Irwell Tapestry will be created from small hand-made textile swatches made by members of the community that will be combined into one final textile piece and will be a visual and tactile creation that will depict aspects of Bacup’s History and reflects the communities interpretation of their favourite areas of Bacup that lie adjacent to the river Irwell between the source in Bacup up to and including Stacksteads.


The group is looking for as many members of the community as possible to create a small fabric sample 10cms x 10cms, reflecting the colours, form and texture of their chosen area. The sample can be made using techniques such as knit, weave, felt, cross-stitch or print, whichever medium you prefer.

The final tapestry will be created by a local group using these fabric samples and will be in itself an interpretation of the pathway of the River Irwell on its journey from its source in Bacup and will be exhibited in a number of venues around Bacup.

 General design points


The Group would like to invite you to be a part of this unique and important Tapestry. We would like your sample to reflect how you feel about Bacup and Stacksteads. What is important to you? Some themes or features could include:

  • The River Irwell
  • The hills and countryside
  • Wildlife and nature
  • Trees and flowers
  • Your home and garden
  • Your friends and family (and pets!)
  • Your place of work or worship
  • A favourite view, building or feature
  • A favourite walk or journey

Your samples do not have to be complex, as it will be part of a bigger picture. So think of the colours, textures and structures that best represent your image of Bacup or Stacksteads

2e11de1fd06105bd285a5a3a01094abb--scrap-fabric-fabric-scrapsA further example of how your swatch could be used in a bigger textile


Upon completion the tapestry will be on display at a local public building such as the Library with the aim of finding a permanent home for it in the long term.

The full length of the tapestry will be photographed and be available on digital media including the THI website, Rossendale Borough Council website and on social media.


  • Materials available to the community between November 2017 and March 2018 for the squares
  • Collation of completed squares between November 2017 and April 2018
  • Group/artist to collate, arrange and finalise the tapestry and sew together ready for display April – June 2018
  • Display of tapestry July – December 2018


For further information on how you, your group or school can be part of this unique Tapestry please contact Megan Eastwood at Bacup THI on or on 01706 252480




















About Rossendale 60's Festival

The Rossendale 60's Festival is Rossendale Valley wide and includes events in Rawtenstall, Bacup, Haslingden and Whitworth. The Festival’s main aim is to attract and expose visitors to the beauty, heritage and culture of Rossendale. What better way than to create a Festival with a theme that young and old can relate to
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